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Mechanism of action is due to the direct influence of hopantenic acid on equipoise vs deca receptor-channel complex. The drug has neuroprotective and anticonvulsant effect. Increases resistance to cerebral hypoxia and exposure to toxic substances, it stimulates anabolic processes in neurons, combines moderate sedation with a mild stimulating effect, has an anticonvulsant effect, reduces the excitability of the motor. It improves mental and physical performance. Promotes normalization of GABA in chronic alcohol intoxication and the subsequent lifting of ethanol. It prolongs the effect of novocaine equipoise vs deca and sulfonamides by inhibiting the reactions of acetylation. It causes inhibition of pathologically elevated cystic and reflex detrusor tone.


  • cognitive disorders in organic brain lesions (including the effects of neural infections and head injuries)
  • schizophrenia with cerebral organic insufficiency
  • cerebrovascular insufficiency caused by atherosclerotic changes in cerebral vessels
  • extrapyramidal disorders (myoclonus epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, hepatolenticular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, and others.)
  • epilepsy with mental retardation processes, together with antiepileptic drugs
  • psycho-emotional overload, reduced equipoise vs deca mental and physical performance (improving concentration and memory)
  • neurogenic voiding disorders: enuresis, pollakiuria, urinary urgency, urinary incontinence imperative
  • children with perinatal encephalopathy, mental retardation of varying degrees of severity, with developmental delays (mental, verbal, motor, or a combination thereof), with various forms of cerebral palsy, with hyperkinetic disorders (syndrome of attention deficit hyperactivity, tics), stuttering (mainly clonic form), neurosis-like states.The drug is used in children older than 3 years.In an earlier age it is recommended taking the drug in the form of syrup.Contraindications:
    Hypersensitivity, acute severe kidney disease, pregnancy (I trimester), children up to 3 years.


    Side effects:
    The drug has low toxicity and is well tolerated. Allergic reactions (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, skin rashes). In this case equipoise vs deca the preparation is canceled. Sleep disturbances or drowsiness, head noise – these symptoms are usually short-lived and do not require discontinuation of therapy.

    Interaction with other medicinal products
    prolongs the effect of barbiturates, enhances the effects of anticonvulsant drugs, as well as means of stimulating the central nervous system, enhances the action of local anesthetics (procaine). Prevents side effects of phenobarbital, karbamazepiia, antipsychotic drugs (neuroleptics).
    Action hopantenic acid is enhanced in combination with glycine, etidronovoy acid.

    Increased symptoms of side effects. Treatment: activated charcoal, gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy.

    In the context of long-term treatment is not recommended to co-administration of the drug with others. Nootropic and stimulating the central nervous system drugs.

    Tablets, 250 mg. On 50 tablets in plastic jars with a neck barrier complete with a tensioned cover with the equipoise vs deca control of the first opening or plastic jars with screw-neck complete with screw-on lid.
    Each jar polymer, together with the instructions for medical use are placed in a pile of cardboard.

    Storage conditions:
    The temperature is not above 25 ° C.
    Keep out of reach of children.

    Vacation of ptek

    Shelf life
    4 years. Do not use beyond the equipoise vs deca expiration date printed on the package.

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